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Teenage Problems/I feel like I'm going to explode!


Dear Tia, I am a junior in Highschool and I have reached my breaking point. I am like a keep sake box for all of my friends and even for people I'm not close to. They come to me for advice, tell me things that not even there parents know about, and constantly drain my time.  Time and time again I've heard, " I just feel like you wouldn't tell anyone. I trust you. And you're the only person that will listen." It's starting to affect my focus in school and other important things in my life. I am weary and tired all of the time. I have over 150 missed calls and text messages filled with people asking me for advice. I don't know how to set boundaries for myself. I need help! I'm not sure how to tell people that need me, "Sorry but I'm overwhelmed and really can't help you out." I am to much of a push over. What should I do?

Hey Sumer,

I know you don't want to hurt people's feeling, but you're gonna have to. If someone asks you for help just say "I've got a lot on atm, i'm sorry".
Just think about it, if you had a problem would they help you? Probably not.
Get tough, just tell people you have a lot going on with your life and that your not the right person to ask for advice from right now.

Tia xx

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