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Hi. I am having a dilemma and don't know what to do. Ok, I lived in Canada for my whole life but it has been 2 years. My family moved to Iran because of my dad's small business that he started a few years back. My dad seems to be doing well and doesn't want to move back anytime soon. I think if I finish grade 9 in Tehran International School (which is the only school that I can go too because I can't write Farsi) I can't go to a good university (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, ect.) and that is my goal for now. The school has now clubs we have
P.E. once a week which is usually tooken by other teachers to catch up if the class is behind. Also in Iran, there are no community service. Do these disadvantages make acceptance to those universitys harder? In my school in grade 9 we study IB 11 material this difficulty is holding me back from straight A's (my average was 85% last year). Should I get homestayed in Canada because my grandparents are not accepting me for some reason I don't know and I don't really feel comfortable asking my aunt. or stay in Iran until the end of grade 10 which after that I have to go to Canada because at 16 you can't exit Iran because you have to go to military training to get a valid passport. Should I stay or should I go to a homestay in Canada. If I should go to Canada, how should I convince my dad?

Thanks, Kevin

Hi there Kevin,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

Each of the Ivy League Universities that you have mentioned have their own criteria for the way in which they select people for admission; most will look at your grades first, interview you and then there may even be an entrance exam that you have to pass in order to get to the next stage. Either way, each University has a different criteria for entrance and it is important that you look into each of the Universities that you want to go to and find out exactly what that is before you make any life changing decisions. Your grades will only ever be part of the process but they are a good indicator at whether or not you will be at an academic level that the university think you need to be at in order to attend. Also, it is important that you consider doing more extra curricular work in order to bolster your resume and show the University that you are a 'rounded' individual that is not only academic but socially responsible.

It is possible to get into a good University if you are educated abroad and then transfer after your high school education but it all depends upon the credibility of the establishment that you are transferring from. Some of the grades you may get in Tehran may not be considered to be at the same level as similar grades in Canada and so, high grades from one school may not be considered the same at another and this is something to bear in mind; the fact that your qualifications may have to be converted and you could end up falling short of the grades you need if you are educated abroad.

Ultimately, the decision you take needs to be based upon the information available to you, your own personal choice, what your family are willing to accept and a practical solution to this question. Once you have all of the information and have considered the practicalities of each, then you can tell your dad your decision and back this up with facts so he is more than likely going to accept what you want.

I hope that helps.  

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