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My parents are constantly fighting for long periods of time, everyday. It starts out with little things like dinner and then in a split second, they are screaming at each other at the top of their lungs about divorcing. It causes me to cry at random times at school and I have nightmares of them divorcing and leaving me alone in the middle of nowhere. My sister hasn't been acting normal. She is really clingy and is forgetting a lot of things. I want to tell my parents that they need to stop fighting and think about how it will affect me and my sister and for them to stop, but I dont know how to tell them without them turning on me and gushing out all their anger onto me. Im sorry this is really long, but I am trying to keep it short.. How can I, a sad deppressed confused 12 year old girl, stop my parents from fighting all the time and canstantly thinking of divorcing?

Hi Natalie,

You should actually sit down with your parents and tell them how you feel and how much their fighting is affecting you and your sister. I doubt they'll take their anger out on you because you're not the problem. You should definitely tell them about your nightmares. It's not healthy for them to argue like that in front of you and they need to know it.

However, if your parents are thinking of divorcing, you can suggest counseling before they make a decision. Counseling can help get down to the root of the problem and can help understand why they argue all of the time.

I do want to tell you this though. If your parents do end up getting a divorce, understand that it's not you or your sisters fault. Sometimes relationships and marriages don't work out and in the end, it's best to separate. It's obvious they are getting on one another's nerves and it happens. Sometimes marriages can be saved and sometimes they can't.

If your parents want to be happy and they aren't happy together, then it's actually best for them to be apart. Why? Because if they stay together, all they'll continue to do is fuss and argue and make you and your sister feel bad. They probably don't want that for you guys.

So, I would definitely sit down and have a talk with them. Tell them that all of their arguing and talk about divorcing is causing you to fell sad, cry and have nightmares. Tell them what it's doing to your sister as well. Don't worry, they'll listen to you and they shouldn't have any reason to raise their voice at you.

I hope everything works out Natalie :-)

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