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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and yesterday we did something stupid. We had sex at a sleepover. We're 13 and we know it was stupid. But now I really hurt and I can't sit real well. How should I tell my mom? Please DON'T lecture me. I know it was stupid and it's not happening again. So how should I tell my mom, and what would my doctor do to fix the pain? Is this pain normal after the first time?

First I have to lecture you a little bit. It's nice to see that you realize what you did was well questionable but it wasn't so much that you had sex it is more that I'm sure you weren't safe and he was probably pretty rough with you. So there is my lecture just if this happens again be safe like use condoms or at the least have him pull out prior to ejaculating.

Ok now to your pain. As this was your first time and you are quite young you probably had your hymen break or more commonly known he broke your cherry. The hymen is a small thin membrane that is there to protect your vagina from foreign matter like fecal matter and dirt and other debris. The hymen is commonly broken during the first time having sex but depending on how your first time was it can either be a slight pinch or severe pain. If he was rough and didn't have any foreplay with you this is probably the cause of the pain. So this will be uncomfortable and painful for awhile and there is really not much you can do to relieve the pain however you can try using painkillers like Advil.

Luckily there is a nice thing that many girls do that is common and most mothers wouldn't bat an eye at it. Wait a day and come to your mom and say something hurt when I was playing sports or something you commonly do that is physically active. Many girls break their hymen doing sports or using tampons etc so if you go to your mom and say I felt some pain after I fell or was using a tampon she probably will suspect you broke your hymen and just help you deal with it. However she may also suspect the truth in that you had sex so it may be embarrassing and you may get in trouble but you may want to consider telling her the truth. If you choose to tell her the truth be sure to say what you Gould me that you had a moment of weakness and you know this was stupid and you'll never do it again she probably will be happier to here this because you are taking this seriously and know what you did.  

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