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Before I ask my question I'd like to apologize for a question that is probably asked 92% of the time. But, I'd rather ask myself and be sure then never know. For most of my life I have been under "Child. Protective Services", unfortunately they usually offered us therapy .. my mother was physically/mentally /verbally abusive. Due to the fact that I was so young and so misconstrued I moved in with my mother since the 6th grade. Thus, I am still with her and she still manages to be verbally abusive.  I am now very involved with my academics/community/Extra curricular events/ my job. My question is: do I have to be 18 to move out legally even though my birthday is in 2 1/2 months?

Thank you for your time and consideration (:

Hi there Angel,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

It is good that you have managed to come through what you have done with a positive outlook and it sounds like you are on the right direction to a successful future. It is a credit to yourself that you have come through all of this and it should show you that you are capable of achieving so much in the future. I am just sorry that you have had to experience such a difficult childhood but at least now, you can get yourself out of there and look to start living your life.

In terms of your question, the technical answer is yes you will remain under your parents' legal guardianship until after 18 but realistically, because your birthday is only 2 and a half months away, it is unlikely that there would be any real reason why anyone would intervene. The only advice I would give to you is to be careful with moving out until you have something concrete in place, the last things that you would want to do is leave home only to end up having to come back. If you have everything planned and worked out, if anyone does try to get involved then you can prove that this is not just a rash decision, it is something practical and needed. If you have a plan and think about all the different things that need to be done and thought about, then you can make sure that your move out is as smooth as possible.

I hope that helps.  

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