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I'm am a teenager and I'm 14 years old. I havent  lived a happy life and that is because of my dad. About 3 months ago i have moved countries and it's really hard for me here. I don't have any friends and never really did have any good ones. I feel very lonely. When i talk with my mom about it she always says that one day everything will get better, but when i  grow up i want to have good memories about childhood which i don't have right now. Like i said its all because of my dad. He doesn't allow me to hang out with anyone, go to school trips and
do many things like other teens can do. The worst thing is that i can not talk to him normally he just doesn't care what i feel and what i would like to do. He even tells me what job should i choose when i grow up. I don't want to live like this anymore. I am just tired of this all situation. I thought when i move countries everything will change i will have friends my dad will get better, but nothing changed. My dad never hugged me or told me he loves me. Help!! Please!

I am so sorry but legally you are under his guardian until you reach the age of 18 - have you thought of taking up any clubs or after school activities so you could stay at school just a little longer?  The only way to improve is to sit down and force your dad to just talk to you -- I really hope the best for you!

Teenage Problems

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