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Teenage Problems/Should I try to take a class together with this guy?


Hello, I'm a college student. Last semester, I met this guy who's very smart, nice, and handsome. We sat next to each other but I didn't start talking to him until about 3 weeks toward the end of the semester. We exchanged phone number and we met up a few times to study together. Next semester, I don't have any class with him and I really want to get at least one class with him to get to see him more and see if we can get anywhere. The class I'm thinking of switching into is a gen ed class and it won't be difficult. However, it conflicts with one of my other classes so I'd have to move a current class to Wednesday at 8 am. Otherwise, I'd have no early morning classes. I guess just one morning doesn't bother me much but I'd like to know what you think of this. I've never had a boyfriend before so I don't know how to handle my feeling. Is it worth it to do it? Thank you so much for your time!

Hi Chelsea,

It seems like a hassle to have to change around your classes just for a guy. I mean you do all of this and what happens if it goes no where? Then you've done all this switching for nothing, right? However, if you think it's worth it, then go for it.

You have this guys number already. You two have met up before to study together, so next time meet up for a date. And how much bonding can you do in class? It seems like since you're in college now and those classes aren't free like in high school, you'd want to focus more on the instructor and the lesson.

My advice would be to keep the schedule you have. Don't switch up things just to get closer to him. Let's see how far he'll go to get to know you, if he's that interested in you. Since you two have each others phone numbers, then I'm assuming you'll be in touch often.

This is your first boyfriend so I understand you being excited. It's okay to display your emotions. Just don't jump off the deep end for any guy. If he's that into you, he'll do his best to wow you and make you his. You don't have to do anything but continue talking to him and establishing a relationship (if it goes that far). Let him chase and adjust his schedule for you.

Good luck Chelsea, I'm super excited for you! :-)

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