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Teenage Problems/Does excessive ejeculation at young age cause problems


Doc please help me.I am  very depress & thinking of suicide. i have some major queries which i have asked several doctors but they haven't told me with any detail.please help me.For humanity.God Bless u!
I started doing ejaculation from the age of 15male.One night i was in bed & started rubbing my penis and then at end got at ejaculation & orgasm.after that i got the habit of masturbation to the point of ejaculation!I did excessive masturbation from 15 yr to 17 yr and then i completely stopped it due to various problem masturbation brought in me
1: as all doctors have said that over ejaculation does not cause acne.But i remember at age15 i had clean face but one night when i ejaculated next day got a pimple & whenever i over ejaculate i got more acne breakouts so when i decided i would not ejaculate & control my self,however i used to have the urge to masturbate but did not do and as controlled and the result was my acne started to disappear & face clean up within two weeks after stopping this habit intentionally.So their is a relation i think because i used to have the urge to masturbate but i did not do as thought it cause acne & so when stopped got acne,& when used to do acne breakouts due to masturbation.
2: as i have surf on the net & some doctor told me that if you do excessive ejaculation it increases your testosterone level very high causing overload of Dht production which trigger hair loss leading to baldness!Have read on net and One Doc told me this.Could you explain me what the true relation or how our body really work
3.As I started masturbation with ejaculation at age 15 it could have stunted or stop my height growth in any way or even one doc said over ejaculation increases testosterone level very high causing premature fusion of growth plates.So in any possible way could it have effected my height
4.Ya as did ejaculation with a frequency of 2 to 3 times a day for 2 years would have increase my testosterone level very high.As their is scientific study that after ejaculation men testosterone level increases.So now for 3 years i have not ejaculated but after 20 30 days i get a wet dream.which i know is normal.My question is that i have not ejaculated for several years will my testosterone be back to normal from the high level due to over ejaculation or will my testosterone level remained high for ever.Its bit silly but Please explain
Plz Doc i have written in detail so that you can answer more clearly.THanks & God Bless YOU.Waiting For your reply!

Hi there Adeel,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

Firstly, let me reassure you that no matter how confusing things must be at the minute and how mixed up you may be feeling at the moment, there is no reason that you should feel depressed or suicidal. What you are going through is incredibly normal and it is not helped by the untrue information that you have been receiving. The Internet is brilliant at enabling you to access information from a variety of different places, organizations and people but you have to be careful to check the source of the website as anybody can put information on-line and it does not always have to be factual or truthful. The amount of information that is available on the Internet is vast but it can cause confusion when one website will say one thing and another may disagree, so it is best to weigh up what has been written with where it has come from.

1. To answer your question about acne, I can tell you that all of the research that I have read and reviewed over the last couple of years, none of it has ever found a link to masturbation and acne. It is a common miss and misconception. There is no link between masturbation and having acne. Acne is caused by hormonal changes that adjust the liquids under the skin and these hormones are not linked to any specific about masturbation. It is true that taking additional testosterone through steroids can cause spots but not acne. People get acne because either it is genetic within the family or it is down to hormonal factors that you cannot control; even by eating a balanced diet. Acne is something that affects a lot of people but there is little to do to stop it but it can be managed if it is severe by getting an ointment or cream from your doctor.

2. Similarly, there is no proof or evidence that excessive masturbation causes hair loss, again this is a myth.

3. There is no truth in masturbating affecting growth; growth is determined by your genes and there is nothing that you can do that will influence it.

4. Testosterone is the dominant hormone in males that peaks during puberty (13-16) before levelling out. It naturally corrects itself and balances out once you have come through puberty so there is no need to stop masturbating or do anything about it.

There is a some research from Australia that will help to highlight why masturbation may be beneficial and I have included the link below.

I hope this helps to reassure you.

Good Luck.  

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