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I am in 12th grade this year. Here is the thing, I've been pretty lonely lately. I am a low-profile person, who tries to stay out of any kind of trouble. Getting into university is my priority for now.
About my interests, I could say that I have a limited range of interests, those being science, movies and video games. I have a couple of friends, with whom I enjoyed hanging out once in a while. Suddenly, we stopped having any common interests, because all they care about at this time, is where and how to get a girlfriend. When I asked them if we could talk about something else, because I am clueless about this subject, they got mad at me.  They said that it was about time I stopped being a nerd, and tried getting some girls to like me. Haven't talked to them since. Apart from that, I really have a hard time getting along with people. Most times, I find them way too stupid. Also, many people my age, like hanging out at places like cafeterias, which I hate. There's got to be something I am doing wrong.  However, I can only think of 1 thing.  Maybe I have a way too limited range of interests and I should work on expanding my "list of interests". I would really appreciate suggestions and an honest answer.

Hi Peter,

You didn't ask me a question so I'll just be giving my opinion on the information you provided me. I don't think anything is wrong with you, however, I do think that you should open up a bit more. You're only 12 years old so there's no need to rush into getting a girlfriend. There's nothing wrong with not having one and if you're friends think otherwise then they're idiots.

I do believe that you should work on expanding your list of interests. I'm sure they're other places you can hang out where you'll find other people your age. I've never really heard of teens hanging out at the cafeteria before. That's a new one for me. I've known for them to hang out at the mall, movies, coffee shops, library, etc.

I agree that some people can be hard to stomach. Mainly because of their ignorance. However, you can't not be around people. You'll just have to find people you can be around and who you can tolerate. Meeting new people is also a good way to go. Join some clubs at school that interest you.

You have to give people a chance though. You just need to find people who have the same interests that you do. If you're into Science, then join the Science club at school if you have one. Go to the movies with friends. You like video games which is cool. I don't know a teen who doesn't. See if you can find a group of friends who would want to gather at one of you guy's house and play video games once or twice a week.

You have to think outside the box a bit Peter. You just need to find friends who are interested in the same things you are. I'm sure those people are right in your school. Mingle, talk and get to know other people. You'll come across someone in no time.

Good luck!

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