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For the past year I have been interested in the taboo that is Incest. I I know that it is wrong but I love it. I often watch incest videos online at least twice a day. And yes I do masturbate to them. The past few months have been worse. My mother often forgets to wear a bra under her shirt which makes her nipples obvious through her shirt, this really turns me on. She also wears tight pants and shorts wear I can easily see the definition of her vagina a.k.a "camletoe" and i often masturbate to her and i having sex. This also extends to my sisters who are older than me. When i house sit for my sisters when theyre away I often have the urge to go into their rooms and take their panties and either sniff the old nes or take clean ones and masturbate into them. Which i then put back in their drawers without cleaning them. I found my one sisters vibrator and ended up 'cumming' all over it and putting it back. I know this id bad but i love the thought of knowing my sisters are going to wear those panties. Now back to my mom. 2 months ago after taking a pair of my mothers panties  , i went into my room to masturbate. My mom came in to get laundry not knowing i was in my room. She caught me and didnt say anything she looked at me and then looked down at what i was doing and saw my penis and her panties. She then left the room. She later acted as if nothing happened but i started to notice her wearing more tighter clothing after the incident. 3 weeks ago she called me uo to her room. I knocked she told me to come in. She had her back to me when i went in and she was only wearing panties. She then turned around without a bra on and i got an instant erection. She noticed right away and kind of smiled at me. She asked me if the bra she picked out would match her thong. I said nothing. I couldnt help but look at her breasts. I eventually sat down on her bed and said no. She then bent over right in front of me to get another bra.from her bottom drawer. Which is weird because i know she keeps her bras and underwear in the top drawer only. She then backed up and'fell' on my lap. She was still only wearing her panties and as she got up she put her hand on my lap wear my erection was to help get her up. She then smiled again and said thanks for my help. I then left her room and went to mine and masturbated. 3 days later she called me from the bathroom to bring her a towel since she had forgotten one and had just finished her shower. She told me to come in and she was standing there completely naked i could see everything. It took everything i had not to touch her. Then today she came to breakfast with a house coat on but didnt tie it up. And she had nothing on underneath. I kept sneaking a peek and she kept acting like she didnt notice. Then she started playing footsies with me and started moving her foot up my leg until she got to my crotch which she then procceded to rub with her foot. When she was done eating she left and acted like nothing happened. I really want to have sex with my mom and i think she wants to as well. I know its looked down upon in society and all but i love her. I want to screw her so badly. And i cant help but think about her all the time. She always gets me horny and hard. What should i do/how should i go about starting a sexual relationship with her?

Hi there Mike,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

Firstly, each of us has our own fetishes that turns us on and is unique to us; and what some people might think is strange, others might think is 'normal'. Our fetishes are unique to us and not everyone will have the same tastes or understand. That said, there are some fetishes which are not only frowned upon but also, against the law and incest is one of them.

Incest is against the law because any sexual relationship that you have with a relative in your direct blood line poses a risk to a child if they were to become pregnant. Because of the nature of how we are made up (via chromosomes) and the genetic similarity of you to your mum and your sisters (50% of your genes come from your mum and 50% come from your dad), if you did have sex with your mum and she became pregnant, then there is a high risk that the child that is born as a result may be severely physically and/or mentally handicapped. The law is there is to prevent this from happening and it is there to protect all of those involved. If this was to ever come out and anyone outside of the family found out, then your mother could end up being arrested and charged with incest which could ruin her life (and yours). It is for that reason that the only advice I can offer you is to not let this go any further and to not encourage this kind of activity for both of your sakes. You both stand to lose a lot if this comes out but even if it doesn't, you stand to complicate your relationship with each other, blurring the line between parent and child which is going to have repercussions in later life when you need a parent.

The longer that this goes on, the more difficult you may end up finding it to have a relationship outside of the family because you may not be able to establish the bond with this person that you have with your family; which potentially means that you could end up on your own. How would you cope if your mom was to get a new partner and you do not get the attention that you are used to? This situation has the potential to get incredibly complicated and affect you, your mom, your sisters and the family as a whole; both in the shorter term and the longer term. Ultimately, you will make your own decisions and choices but from an advice point of you, I cannot judge you (and I won't) but I can advise you that you may be breaking the law and more than this, you may end up getting emotionally hurt if things do not go your way.

Think about what we have discussed and I hope that helps.

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