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Hi Tia,
I need some advice, I really like this girl I have been working with; she's been working with since last summer. The one big problem is that she's in a long term relationship. She maybe leaving in March I don't know whether to let her know how I feel or how to do this
1. I'd rather avoid a disciplinary or harassment at work incident.

2. I don't want to scare her away make her uncomfortable around me (I've done that before now)

But she's an amazing person really one of kind and don't want to let her just walk out of my life, I feel that if I do I'll regret it forever.


Hey Tom,

Firstly, she's in a long term relationship. Does she seem happy? Or is she going through a rocky patch with her Boyfriend.

Also, she might leave in March. Even if you do tell her your feelings, would it be worth it? If she's leaving for somewhere really far where it wouldn't be possible to have a relationship. Even if she felt the same and dumped her Boyfriend.

Are you good friends? Would you risk the friendship?

Despite this, if you do have strong feelings for her, tell her.

Yes, she might stay with her boyfriend. She might say she only thinks of you as a friend. Yes, it could get uncomfortable. But at least you'll know. At least you won't be thinking "What If" if she leaves.

But, coming from a girl, don't just blurt it out. She might have no idea and it will come as a shock. You might look like your coming on too strong. Start by giving her little hints. Tell her she looks nice. If she moans about her boyfriend say things like "Well i wouldn't do that if i was dating you" ect.

She'll get the hints, then you'll be able to tell if she's interested. If she isn't, she'll back off.

Then, if things seem good, tell her. It won't be unexpected.

Good luck

Tia xx  

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