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From : Falicity crorey.
Im 14 years old.

my house was on the school districts line, so I had to walk 4min to the bus stop were they could pick me up. For 3 years it was ok that I was picked up there until I started 7th grade, we got a new very strict bus driver & I was given a week before he would not pick me up anymore. While this was going on my mom an jerk step dad were going through a divorce & my mom now had to get a job without a high school diploma. we got an awesome nanny and my mom started work as a bartender/pole dancer. But she then she couldn't afford to pay the nanny. so I the 14 year old daughter had to step up and become the babysitter. From 6pm till 3 am I was the babysitter. I would make dinner at 6pm & my 9 year old brother would go to bed &  my 4 year old sister would watch TV downstairs till she fell asleep. I didn't get much sleep alot of the time. & now with the bus not being able to pick me up. My mom would have to take me to To school. It was a 15 min drive and my sis and bro was left alone at home while my mom took me to school. My sis would not go back to sleep if she were to come with us.
& since my mom got home @ 3 am she normally got a few hours of sleep before she had to go to work again. I couldn't stand my little sister to be left alone and for my mom to be so sleep deprived . So I started to just stay home an skip school. For 3 weeks I missed school on and off. Until a moth later we had just gotten back from grocery shopping and my mom said she had to go 20 min away to pick up a friend who was having a rough time. While she was gone a candle in her room fell over an lite the curtains on fire which spread to the rest of the room quickly. The fire had been going for 5 min before my dog started barking at the smoke. I ran to see what it was and then grabbed my dog, yelled at my brother to call 911 and ran , with my sister out the door. When were all outside a car pulled in the drive way & a couple came out of the car and said they had called 911. It's been a year since that night. We have been living with a very close friend of my moms that I have known for 13 years. We have been doing great. But I have been starting to developed a fear of going to school cause im afraid something will happen to my family while im gone. I keep thinking. " why should I waste time with school when family is more important". I have now been signed up for home schooling but not all papers have been processed. Im still waiting. And I still fear " not as much as I did" but I still fear something will happen to my family while im away. My little sister means the world to me And I would do anything for her. I don't know what I should do to stop being scared to go to school.

Btw... I have no bullies at school and I do enjoy school

oh wow you have my sympathy.  I can totally understand where you are coming from, are you religious at all?  Have you prayed about it.  I'm a Christian and I will definitely pray that God will give you the guidance to help you, if you have trouble trusting your mom, trust that the friend you are staying with, and you need to finish school because look at it this way when you finish school get a degree you can save enough money to move you AND your siblings out and save money to have a better life for not just you but for them too

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