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Teenage Problems/which girl do I pick


HI im really confused. I have being going out with a girl for 2 years but I think I have being in love with an other girl for the last 3 year's . Im 23 but 3 years ago I was in class in college and there was this girl sitting in front of me she turned around and asked me a question about the class. Right then I thought she is gorgeous. My heart sank.her boyfriend came in and beside her. She seemed to have a fallen out as she got upset during the class. So later in the day I had another class and I ended up sitting beside her . We got chatting during a break in class. After class she said do u wanna go for coffee I was so excited as im really shy. The following week I saw her and I found out her and her boyfriend had broken up. For the next few months we see eachduring collegeand she would ask to go for every eek I never asked as I was to nervous. She used chat to me every time I was on Facebook.. She used playfully punch my arm or once she put her hand on my arm and when I looked down she moved it. Then I thought I have never had a gf why would she want me. So I went out with someone ,else she stopped the
Payfull punches and rarely went for coffee . Doesnt anymore and never contacts me.. She was going away for a year a month ago but has already returned. I have thought about telling her how I feel but every time I chicken out. My gf gets depressed and we argue all the time cause I either say or do wrong thing. I dont want to hurt my gf but I know this is my last chance to tell other girl how I feel. If I.decide to tell other girl I may not see her face to face. So if I tell her by phone or Facebook I will tell her. It just feels like fate after we met twice the first day even though there is 300 other people in class . What do I do . Do I tell her how I feel or stay with gf?

it doesn't matter how you tell this other girl how you feel just do it and do it SOON, be nice to your girlfriend at the same time but this other girl you like is not doing all that stuff because she knows you have a girlfriend!!!  If she knew how you feel and knew you ONLY wanted to date her she might change her mind

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