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Teenage Problems/Olympics, masturbation and finally in love


QUESTION: I take this as a challenge and will make her like me. I like her very much, even though I am not her type I will change myself to suit her. For the time being making friendship with this girl is my aim, ambition, goal. See u after  I marry her. My dear sweet heart I am coming for you ...

Answer:   You're going about this the wrong way. You shouldn't change yourself to suit someone else. You need to be yourself. If she doesn't like you for who you are then she's not the right girl for you. Marrying her is a stretch. That's not what you should focus on. Don't push too hard. If she keeps pushing you away then let it go and move on.

Followup question:
Scarlet I saw that girl in office today, but she is not at all interested to see me, but I still din't lose hope, I can't think of any other girl,Either I will marry her or stay a virgin bachelor who will be running in next olympics. I am a kind of person who doesn't have much expectations in life. What I need is 1)freedom,nobody should command me to do something,
2)I need food, clothing, house, 1 car not 10 cars. I can be happy just with few essential commodities.
I am telling this because when I love someone sincerely, she becomes the other half of my life so I am ready to change myself for her in every possible way because I love her a lot. Its not possible for me to move on just because she is not my type. There is no love when there is no sacrifices between both of them.

ANSWER: Abhinav,

Go to and learn how to start dating girls. I am telling you that this woman wants nothing to do with you. If you take no for an answer and keep coming after her, it will end badly. For some reason you aren't understanding. You need to move on. This woman IS NOT interested in you. Please leave her alone. You don't love her because you don't know her. You are lusting right now. It's very possible for you to move on you just don't want to. Visit the site to get some ideas on how to date girls and leave the girl in your office alone. She's not interested in you. It's creepy when a guy keeps coming after you when you've rejected him many times. You don't want to be a stalker. Visit the site, I'm sure David Wygant can help.

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QUESTION: For now I am not in a mood to date anyone, thanks for ur suggestion. will be back in case I have any more questions, bye......

ANSWER: Good, focus on you. Good luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Scarlet, I am a loser, Whatever u said was right, that girl hates me a lot. This girl and me were in a training, I knew few things abt this girl, I tried to get more information abt her through some means, I was badly in love with her. yesterday was the last day of training, this is what I told her in person -
"I have lot of respect for you, I like u very much, how can I be in touch with you, she said through mail. I asked can we be friends, she said no. I accepted watever she said, I gave her a beautiful portrait of her drawn by me, she din't take it. I was bringing that portrait everyday to give her at a right time with her name written on it. I felt I should not have it anymore so when her car started I put the portrait inside the car but she put it out of the car and broke it. along with that glass in the frame my heart also broke into pieces. If she dint want the portrait then she could have thrown the portrait on the way away from me.

I am telling u frankly scarlet, I felt like raping this girl 100 times, she dint even treat me like a human being but this is the message I sent her on phone -

" Is it fine to behave with a human being in this manner? I have lot of respect for U, so I accepted watever u said like u said u cant have friendship, it was fine with me. I just wanted to gift u a momento becos today was last day of training, but u broke it. U don't know how much u hurt me. U will never see me again and this is my last message. I am deleting ur phone number. Bye. "   

Scarlet this is what happens when someone loves sincerely, I dont want any dating tips and there will be no true love in my life again. I feel like crying becos of this girl, she was too rude with me, my heart is paining scarlet.


I agree that it was pretty rude of her to break your drawing like that in front of you, but it seems like she was trying to send you a message and it looks like you understand now. You never loved this woman because you never knew her. You know nothing about her. There will be true love in your life, you just have to be patient. Right now you're rushing it and it doesn't work that way.

I understand that you're hurt but the important thing is that you pick up the pieces and move on. You can't let this one woman get int he way of you're happiness. The fact that you said you felt like raping her 100 times because of what she did makes me worry about you and I honestly believe that you may need to see a therapist.

They can actually sit down with you and talk with you about things that are bothering you. They can help you get back on the right track. Talking about it really helps and they can help. You're coming on too strong and you need to have a different approach with ladies; a more subtle approach.

You'll be fine. I just really think you need to sit down and talk to someone about your issues.

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