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Teenage Problems/Olympics, masturbation and finally in love


QUESTION: Your answer:
I agree that it was pretty rude of her to break your drawing like that in front of you, but it seems like she was trying to send you a message and it looks like you understand now. You never loved this woman because you never knew her. You know nothing about her. There will be true love in your life, you just have to be patient. Right now you're rushing it and it doesn't work that way.

I understand that you're hurt but the important thing is that you pick up the pieces and move on. You can't let this one woman get int he way of you're happiness. The fact that you said you felt like raping her 100 times because of what she did makes me worry about you and I honestly believe that you may need to see a therapist.

They can actually sit down with you and talk with you about things that are bothering you. They can help you get back on the right track. Talking about it really helps and they can help. You're coming on too strong and you need to have a different approach with ladies; a more subtle approach.

You'll be fine. I just really think you need to sit down and talk to someone about your issues.

Hi Scarlet,
I just felt like raping her 100 times, that does not mean I am going to rape her. I am just speaking the fact, though we get angry sometimes we become silent considering the consequence of our act. I really loved her very much so I can't hurt her in anyway. I don't believe in therapist, I believe myself.

Maybe you can become my friend and therapist. I like ur advice very much. bye, take care dear.......

ANSWER: Good luck Abhinav! Take care.

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QUESTION: Hi Scarlet, I am not able to sleep properly, I am not able to eat properly, this girl is coming in my dreams and disturbing me. Once she said that she will complain to higher official if I disturb her, if I go to meet her again will she create any problem for my job. just don't know y I am keeping on thinking this girl. I feel lonely as if I am in a desert with nobody around me. Without this girl world seems to be empty for me. I don't know what to do . I am deeply in love with her without any expectation from her, I just need her love and affection. Can u suggest something so that she will start loving me ?? I can't think of any other girl Scarlet.


I cannot suggest anything that will make her love you because she doesn't want anything to do with you. If you continue to pursue her, then she will go to higher sources on you and you don't want that unless you want to be fired from your job. Harassment isn't tolerated in many companies; if not all of them. I can't give you advice on how to make someone love you who doesn't want anything to do with you. You have to get over her because you have no choice. She doesn't like you. You must move on.

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