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Teenage Problems/Olympics, masturbation and finally in love


QUESTION: Will you have friendship with me ?? have u been to India anytime in your life ?? Is it possible to speak to u in person ??

Answer:   Hi,
No, I've never been to India and I don't plan on visiting anytime soon. I'm afraid the only way for us to communicate is either here or on my website.

What if I come to USA ? will u take me out and show different tourist spots ? Are u married and how many kids u have? Do people commit suicide in USA because of love failures becos it happens more in India ?

ANSWER: Abhinav,

I volunteer on AllExperts to help people and to give advice. My personal life is irrelevant. If you have any questions then I'm happy to answer them as you can tell. We've had a lengthy conversation overall already. I don't arrange meetings to meet with people I give advice to here. So I'm asking that any future questions you have pertain to your life.   

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QUESTION: Hi dear Scarlet,
So do u want to forget me, whats the use of just giving advice and help without interest to meet someday. I don't mind telling abt my personal life to you. I prefer to make friendship with you, what do u say ??

I answer questions all the time from different people and I never meet them. I don't have to meet them in order to establish a relationship with them. You sort of need to share a little of your personal life in order to get your questions answered. Everyone does. You come here to get your questions answered and I've been helping you. Our relationship will go no further than that.  

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Even though I have no teenagers of my own, I've seen, heard and have experienced a lot of things dealing with teenagers. I take the experience of me being a teen along with the problems and issues teens have today and I offer my opinions and advice. Since I'm no longer in my teens, I'm wiser, which means that I can definitely guide you in the right direction when it comes to solving your problems.

Experience is a website that I am very proud to say that I am a part of. I created this site for teenagers all over. I wanted to give you a place where you could gain some knowledge, ask questions and see what your fellow teenagers can offer you. Teen-Babble is about sharing experiences, growing and becoming a better person. I am also part of my local Boys and Girls club where I hang out with teens about 3 times a day and help them with anything I can.

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