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Teenage Problems/Olympics, masturbation and finally in love


QUESTION: Hi scarlet,
recently I started liking a woman. The problem is I stared at her little bit since she is very beautiful, so she is not much interested to talk to me. We work in same office, I told her that I want to have friendship with her but she says she is not interested. Somehow got her phone number and messaged her but she told not to send sms. I drew a portrait of her and gave it to her but she dint take. I want to have friendship with her, what should I do now ?? help me Scarlet I like her very much and want to date with her ......  My love depends on your answer .... :)

ANSWER: Hi Abhinav,

This woman has no interest in you. She's shooting down your advances all around. She doesn't want you to SMS her and she rejected your portrait. It seems like this woman really isn't interested in you. If I were you I would leave her alone and move on, otherwise she may start feeling like you are harassing her. You aren't in love with her because you don't even know her. Your love and life doesn't depend on anything I say. I'm only offering you advice, you make the ultimate choice and decision.

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QUESTION: Scarlet this is India not USA. What if I keep trying without harassing her, may be she will change her mind and start liking me. She might think no matter how much I reject this guy he keeps coming for me, won't she think this is the right guy who will never leave me ?? I am not a robot to jump from one girl to another, human heart can have only one true love. By the way I told her that I only want to have friendship with her then y is she avoiding me, does she think that I will fall in love with her ??

ANSWER: I realize you're in India but what does that have to do with anything? If you really want to be friends with this woman then you can continue trying. Find out what she likes. Strike up a conversation with her. Try to get to know her. Right now she thinks you're trying to pursue her and you are. Stop pursuing her and try getting to know her if you want to be her friend. Just because you keep coming after her doesn't mean she'll think that you're the right guy for her and you'd never leave her. I've had a few guys who constantly came after me but I wasn't interested in them. They were super sweet guys, but they weren't my type. You might not be her type. You told her that all you want is a friendship and she still turned you down because she's not interested in a having a friendship with you. And no, she doesn't think that you will fall in love with her. Try talking to this lady again. If it doesn't work then move on. You can't make her like you, remember that.

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QUESTION: I take this as a challenge and will make her like me. I like her very much, even though I am not her type I will change myself to suit her. For the time being making friendship with this girl is my aim, ambition, goal. See u after  I marry her. My dear sweet heart I am coming for you ...

You're going about this the wrong way. You shouldn't change yourself to suit someone else. You need to be yourself. If she doesn't like you for who you are then she's not the right girl for you. Marrying her is a stretch. That's not what you should focus on. Don't push too hard. If she keeps pushing you away then let it go and move on.

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