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I am a senior in high school and as the end of the year is coming closer so is college. Good news is I have been accepted to college a Bible College. My family and school (public) don't really understand why I am going there. But, my mom still kind of supports me and she is all over me about scholarships and the FASA. But, most of that money will be from the government so I don't think my college will even accept it. Do you know? Also, my mom doesn't know the college isn't accredited my fear is that she wont let me go because I will still be seventeen when college starts next fall. I don't know what to do. My family doesn't understand Gods will and all. They don't go to church, I go alone every week. I am just not sure what to do...

Hi Monae,

Congratulations on your choice to get a Christian College education.  If you are choosing an unaccredited school, you will get little or no financial assistance.  Why have you chosen that particular Christian school?  Is this one recommended by your pastor?  What do you wish to do?  If you do not intend to work as a full time minister, you will find that your degree will mean little or nothing in the working world.  I am not saying that it is absolutely wrong or foolish to make that choice.... but you had better have a compelling reason to sacrifice your future mobility because of the quality of your education... know why you are doing what you are.  With that said... there are some very good Christian Schools that are accredited.  Pensacola Christian College, and Bob Jones University are two schools that come to mind right away.  They are great Bible Colleges but they are accredited.   

I hope I have helped you.

In Christ
Pastor Don

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