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Teenage Problems/Guy issues. I have no idea what's going on with him...


Ok so there's this guy who I kinda like and he kinda likes me too. He's allways been really nice and sweet to me as well and joking and teasing me (In a fun way). Today, he told my BFF one of my secrets and now she's pissed off at me. I started texting him because he wasn't at school and it ended with him saying "I never want to see u again. I don't like u any more in fact, ur just a fucking bitch. Piss off and move to another school. I don't want anything to do with u". About two hours later he texted me again like nothing happened. We were talking about school and friends and holidays and everything... Just like we normally do. He even started flirting with me and when I said goodnight he replied with "ok cya on Monday :) <3". What the hell does that mean. He went from argueing with me and saying he never wants to see me again to all flirty and nice within a matter of hours

Hi Emma, thx for your question. Hmmmm, my first response is that he possibly was sending that text to someone else and unknowingly sent it to you??? I say that b/c the turn around seems very strange. On the other hand, if it was meant for you then I have no idea what that means as I haven't talked to him. I certainly think you have a right to know what that was all about though. I think there is only one way to find out and I don't think text or email etc. is the best way to do it in this situation. Maybe wait until you can see him face to face and ask. Sounds like the friendship is important to you and the behaviour is concerning. All the best.


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