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I am an 18 year old girl who has been blogging online (Twitter) for a little less than 2 years now. I realise that in this day and age a lot of people are meeting friends online (not intimate but just friends) and from my blog I have developed a few of these. Most people also like to use Twitter as a social media site, but I use it only for blogging random thoughts throughout the day and overall the way you would use a site like

The thing is, my family/parents and friends don't know about this blog and I prefer it that way because I have a lot of freedom to express when I know they won't be reading it. That being said, I don't post bad things there and it's generally just random quotes I like or thoughts I have to interactions with the people who I follow/follow me. I of course don't publicly post any personal information either, except for my first name and my avatar picture.

I'm not necessarily hiding this from my family/parents and I would actually like them to know about it, although I am 18 now and a legal adult I would like to be open with them, because a couple of the people I've met I have become relatively good friends with (as far as online goes) and would want my parents to know they are in my life. One person in particular I have exchanged email addresses with and we have sent a few long emails back and forth so far just discussing things about ourselves and our lives, as friends do. She lives in another country (in Europe while I am from the US).

It has been a long time of me having this blog, so how would I approach the subject if I ever felt an opening to discuss it? My parents are not crazy strict, but they of course want me to be safe online. I know my younger brother has some online friends from gaming that they know of and are fine with, but I think they might have other opinions about this since it is a blog and not a game.

I don't like feeling as if there isn't a lot of openness with my friends and family, but it's true that I feel I can be more myself on my blog than with them. Please help and I apologise for making my question so long.

Thank you so much,


Hi Lizzy,

I completely understand how you feel as I have a blog as well. However, on my blog I am helping teens so it's more about them than myself. I opened up and let my family know about it and they were really supportive.

You could easily hit on the subject while at the dinner table or when you are spending time with your family. It could go something like this...

"Mom, dad... I have something that I'd like to share with you that means a lot to me and I'd like for you to know about it. You've probably heard of Twitter and I have an account with them. I pretty much talk about random thoughts I'm having and it's an outlet for me to be able to speak my mind. I just want you to know that I'm being completely safe. I don't share any personal information. The most anyone knows is my first name and I have an avatar. So, this is something that I wanted you to know about so I'm letting you know."

That's a starter and of course you can change or say anything you like. I think your parents would be supportive but their main issue would probably be you staying safe online as any parent would. So those are my thoughts. Good luck Lizzy.

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