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So... I am a girl 13 y. o. And I have my first ever date on friday. So my boyfriend-we never really held hands with him or hugged and stuff. But thats what people do right-hold hands at a movie date. So, what id he wants to hold my hand? And how do I tell that he does? And where should I put my hands, on the armrest or where? And if, all of a sudden, I feel like he's gonna go for it? Should I look at him, or not? Should I just smile? And what if he looks at me?? Please help, I cant sleep, this is worrying me so much. And also, can you not write "whatever u feel comfortable with". I dont feel comfortable with anything, okay? Ive never been on a date before. So please, please help me!

Hi Katie,

Trust me, you'll know when he wants to hold your hand or put his arm around you. Usually guys do the yawn and stretch thing when they're about to put their arm around you. It just depends on the type of guy he is. If he wants to hold your hand he may brush his hand against yours or he may just grab your hand. If you're comfortable with anything he does you can look at him and smile. If he puts his arm around you, you can move a little closer to him to show him that it's okay and you want him to. I know you said not to put "whatever you're comfortable with" but if you're not comfortable with anything then don't let him do anything. If he tries to do anything you don't want him to them tell him your not comfortable with it. You're better off telling him this at the beginning of the date so that he doesn't try anything. You have to be honest up front. That's important because you don't want to lead him on. Just relax and breathe. You'll do fine. As long as you tell him what you're not comfortable with up front everything will be fine. Good luck and let me know if you need anymore help.

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