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today I was in my maths class and my teacher was writing on the board, I knew what she was writing was wrong and I told her. she said it wasn't and all the boys in my class started being really rude and annoying. my teacher then realised what she was doing was wrong and all the boys were winding me up. I was literally at the stage of crying! then my nose started bleeding really heavily and went on for about 45 minutes. I just completely freaked out. Then when I came back from my nosebleed my teacher asked me if I understood what she wrote on the board, when I was the one who corrected her! I nearly started screaming at her! do you think I am overly stressed and is this a possible reason for the nosebleed? can u recommend anything to calm me down? thanks for your time grace

Hi there Grace,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

I think that the stress may be responsible for the nosebleed but if you are getting them for no reason or they are recurrent then I would strongly recommend that you see your doctor just to get yourself checked out in case it is something more serious. The build up of pressure in your body, along with the adrenaline pumping and increased heartrate you experienced when stressed have been suggested as possible causes of a nosebleed. Similarly, blowing your nose too hard or picking your nose can also have similar affects. Keep an eye on how often that you have them and the type of situations you are in when they occur and you may notice a pattern between stress and a nosebleed. If you do keep having recurrent nosebleeds, even in stressful situations, it is important that you get yourself checked out.

In regards to calming you down, the easiest and most effective technique for de-stressing yourself instantly is to breathe deeply and count to ten. By slowing your breathing rate down, you calm your body down, begin to lower your heartrate and reduce the amounts of adrenaline that is produced, all of which, will help you to feel calmer and less stressed. There is no real technique to it but whenever you feel like you are about to become stressed or find yourself already stressed, take a couple of seconds to find a point to stare at and concentrate on, then, taking a big deep breath in, filling your lungs, slowly exhale and count. Do this from ten to one and by the time you get to one you should find yourself considerably de-stressed and feeling like you are more in control of your situation.

Good stress is good for us. It is stress that causes adrenaline to flow, our hearts to be faster, our pupils to widen and the sense of needing to run away; things which would have protected us when we needed it historically. But bad stress is when all of these things happen in a situation that they should not need to occur and we feel trapped with all tight muscles, a churning stomach and a sense of wanting to scream and shout but not being able to. It is these situations where you have to learn to be able to manage your stress and calm yourself down before something happens.

There are always going to be people in life that like to cause you stress for no apparent reason and it doesn't change the older you get. What does change is your ability to recognise when your body is getting ready to go into 'fight or flight' mode and then either getting yourself out of the situation or starting the process of deep breathing to stop yourself from feeling so stressed out.

Hopefully, practicing the tried and tested breathing techniques should help you to take more control of your body when you are stressed and hopefully, it will help you to feel better and reduce your nose bleeds.

I hope that helps.  

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