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im scared to get close to people. i've never had a good friend and im scared someone will try to get to know me and see i have a terrible personality cause thats what i think. i ruin everything. i cant deal with people. i'm scared of going outside cause i think someone will try to interact with me and ill put my foot in my mouth and screw everything up just like i always do. i want friends and i dont want to be alone but it just seems like the more i try the more people end up hating me. am i that bad? am i so hard to be around? its not fair. ive tried changing since i was 12 and nobody even gives me a second look. my family have made it a dinner tradition to bad mouth and how i dont have anyone who cares about me, nobody to talk to. if you have any advice. i am so desperate right now ill try anything!

Hi Laura,

No body gives you a second look because you're not allowing yourself to be seen. True friends like you because of who you are and your personality makes up part of that. I don't have the greatest personality in the world but I have friends because they like my personality and the way I am.

If you continue to be afraid to get close to people then you'll be alone for sure. I'm not sure why you are like this but I think it's definitely something that you can break away from. I'm not sure if you;re in school or not but if you are then maybe you should try talking to some people at school. Joining clubs is also a great way to make friends.

If you think it's that serious to where you can;t come out of your shell then maybe you should consider talking to a therapist about your problems. That's a good place to start. It's unfortunate that your family talks that way to you but don't feed into the negativity. You definitely have people who care about you.

I'm sure that you're a great person but you have to allow yourself to be seen and break out of your shell. That may seem like a hard thing to do but once you've done it you'll feel so good about yourself. Allow people to get to know you and you them. There are some great people out here in the world who will make all the difference to your life if you let them.  

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