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I am 12 years old and have a friend (who is the same age as me) that I know is cutting herself. I don't know what to do because I really care about her and can't let her keep doing this. Help?

Hello Rayne,

You are a really good friend and thank you for taking the time to write in about what your friend is going through. It sounds that you are very worried and frustrated at what she is doing to herself; But there is a reason why Rayne.

When people cut themselves, it is because they are going through some emotional pain and suffering that is so unbearable that they can't cope with it. Cutting or self-harm, is a way to 'release' that emotional pain, like feeling physical pain instead of the emotional pain, almost like compensating for how bad the person feels. Each time a person cuts it takes the hurt away for a while until the mind cannot cope again and then it's back again to self-harming.

There is something that is deeply troubling your friend Rayne. No-one would self-harm unless there was some emotional pain happening to them.

This is a very deep subject and I want you to know that this will hurt You because you care about her so much (I will say the worst case scenario first and then give you other reasons after).The most common reason why people self harm is because they have been sexually abused. It could be one of her Parents or it could be another relative or even an outsider. Sexual abuse and self-harming is very common.

But, there may be other reasons. She may be being bullied at School or she may be being bullied by an older sister or brother. Another reason is that she is not getting the attention that she needs from her Parents. It's a cry for help - that's what cutting is all about. It's a way of saying "I am hurting, badly please someone help me".

What does she say when you ask her why she is doing it? There could be a clue in her response. Ask her first if she is being bullied, then just listen to her - she needs to open up. If she sais no, then ask her as gently as you possibly can, if she is being sexually abused. Try and get to the bottom of it, but bear in mind that most victims are too afraid to speak up because the abuser has threatened them to tell no-one.

It's a very serious issue and I'm concerned about you as well Rayne because of what I am asking you to do and you are so young. But, if she tells you, a trusting friend first, then further steps can be taken to get her some professional help. Urge her to talk to someone about what is happening to her. I will talk to her if she is willing to open up to me. If your School has a Counselor ask her to talk to them. This is the only way she can get help with her cutting - getting to the bottom of it by telling someone.

Whoever is hurting or violating her, if that is the case, will likely be threatening her to keep her mouth shut. But in my experience, the abusers don't carry out their threats, they say it so they can carry on with the abuse to get satisfaction.

She really has got to tell someone.

The conversations here can be set to 'Private' so nobody else can read them and she can also give a false name as well. But the important thing is that she has got to talk about what is troubling her.

It may or may not be sexual abuse, but it is something that is serious enough to make her harm herself.

Caroline :)

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