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Hi. I'm a single dad to 2 daughters Beth 11 and Zoe 13, we are very close and happy with the dad-daughter talks etc.  Presently both are developing rapidly and we talked about boundaries and stuff, they both are still very open and go about the house or sit arounf in underwear or gym stuff and leotards etc.  I encourage them to close bedroom doors etc but they only half do, I often see them naked and even masturbating in their rooms.  Sometimes I look at them in their underwear as their bodies are fast changing and sometimes I have looked a while while they masturbate without them knowing.

We live near a play park and they like to go there often but with me and when its very quiet.  In particular they like spending ages on one ride which is a thing in the shape of a giant A that balances in the middle and there are 2 seats on each leg.  There are always girls riding it and I have wondered (bad thoughts) if straddling the narrow seat was a pleasure for them, my girls always wear leggings when riding this and I often see them kind of humping against the narow seat, sometimes my youngest has a hand resting between her thighs.  Other times they like to climb on a rope frame thing and I sse them straddling the thick rope with it jammed right against their crotch, again I have bad thoughts about this situation.

Any advice??

Well I have a few thoughts on both your daughters actions and the ride thing. First the ride thing as I feel this is more the main point of your contacting me today. First I am not familiar with laws from the uk that are governing sexual behavior in public but in the united states if anyone is caught participating in sexual activities in public especially around minors then they may be charged as a sexual pretator and can be locked up also they would have to register as a sex offender. This would not be good for their future or yourself. Now as far as what they are doing yes I believe that the narrow seats and the motion are causing your daughters to become aroused. As such they are unconsciously humping and masturbating on the ride itself. I am not sure if the hand between the legs in subconscious or still under her control but again the arousal is causing them to seek out that pleasure.

Now as for my thoughts on your daughters behavior in and around the house. At their young age they are hitting the peak of hormonal flow in other words when an adult female gets aroused maybe once a day or more around their periods your daughters are at the stage where they are practically aroused All day every day. This causes them to masturbate quite often and most likely fantasize about different things. Now the act of walking around practically nude and not shutting their doors may be just something they do but when you bring up their public maasturbation I have a feeling they are exhibitionists. Exhibitionists get highly aroused at the thought of anyone watching them masturbate. That means when they leave their doors open they are practically inviting you to watch them maasturbate; again at the park they are getting even more aroused by random people watching them masturbate.

Exhibitionists especially at their age tend to get caught by the law and again are often charged with public indecency and or being a sexual pretator. So I would sit down and talk with them about what they are doing mainly about the masturbation in the park.

If you would like to discuss this issue further please feel free to email me that way I can talk with you more privately about your daughters actions.


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