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Teenage Problems/problems with my moms boyfriend


My mom has a new boyfriend and I don't like him. He tries to be my boss and says that I have to listen to him because he says he is the " man of the house". He used to be a big drugie and stil does drugs while living in a house with a 14 year old, that's me, and a 6 year old, my sister. Me and my mom used to spend soo much together now we hardly even talk because of him. Everytime me and him get in a fight she jumps down my throte and says I am going to push her over the edge. I havent had a dad my whole life and i dont like him trying to be my dad. I love that my mom is happy but i am not. I dont want to ruin this for her so what do i do?!?

Hi Mary,

How long has your mom been with this guy now??

He has no right to tell you what to do. And he has no right to come into your house where you and your baby sister is demanding that you should respect him. Plus, he isn't your dad and he's got no rights over you.=. And the fact that he is a drug user just makes matters worse as you never know when he's going to explode at you. His drug use is affecting his mind and I don't know why your mom accepts this. Maybe she's a little scared of him, I don't know.

Does he treat her well??

My advice to you is to get your mom on her own, when he isn't in the house, and have a calm chat with her. Because at the moment all the fighting you and he are having is not getting the message across to your mom about how bad he is making you feel, she probably is at the end of her tether and doesn't know how to resolve this between you and this guy.

So what you need to do Mary is sit down, alone, with your mom and explain to her, without swearing or raising your voice, just how upset he is making you. Get her to listen. Sadly Mary, sometimes kids your age have to be the 'adult' at times.

Do you think that this is something you could do?

If you want me to help and give you some skills to use to express your feelings about this guy to your mom, I am happy to do that.

I've done this with other teenagers that have written in to me, and it does have good or better  results.

You and your mom used to be really close, so do you think that she will be able to have a private one and one chat with you?? You know your mom best Mary, so start thinking about how you can approach her and talk to her. You will need to listen to her point of view as well so it's a case of telling her your feelings and listening to her feelings. It may take several attempts to get your mom back to how it was but this is the best way to start.

You can write in to me again with your thoughts on what I have suggested and I'll work with you and support you until it gets sorted. How does that sound??

Here's a saying for you:

         "If there's a problem, then there is a solution. If there is no solution then it's not a problem"

So that means that there is a solution to this because it IS a problem and I can work through it with you.

I'm here any time.

Caroline :)  

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