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Hi! I'm 16 and i would really like your opinion and help on this matter. I am a girl who has been through a lot regarding boys and bullying and i have learned to not care about what people say and think of me. Last semester i hooked up with this guy from my school who is older and his friends found out and bothered me for a whole semester. Last Saturday at a party i made-out with this other guy who is like part of his friends group and today monday that i got to school everyone knew. These guys who are 2 years older really bother me, and normally i wouldn't care but it's really making me feel bad how they treat me and all... i don't even speak to them. I don't know if i should keep my head held high or confront them. I mean a really don't understand why of all people who made-out with other they have to choose me and bother me... please give me advice on what i should do

Hi Alexa,

I'm really sorry for the late reply. I haven't been very well and have been in Hospital too so my sincerest apologies. I'll do my best to now help :)

My advice to you is 3 things.

1) Definitely hold your head up high. Keep ignoring them, don't even look at them and eventually they will get bored. It may get a bit worse before it gets better and eventually they will be making a fool of themselves. I know you feel bad inside, but I can promise you that if you keep ignoring them, don't even give them a bad look and hold your head up high, they will leave you alone. May take a bit of time, just don't give them the satisfaction that they are getting to you. So as bad as you feel inside, on the outside keep pretending and showing that you don't care and it will die down, promise :)

2) Don't get involved (making out) with another one of them in the group again - this will just make things even worse for you. They probably see you as an attractive girl but you don't want to give them the impression that any of them can make out with you when they want to. Be proud. If you're at the same party with them again and one of them tries to approach you - walk away, don't let them push you into doing anything. You're better than that and these guys sound like a bunch of losers to be honest.

3) Don't confront them. If you do, you will be giving them what they want - a reaction - which will make things worse for you and make them carry on bothering you longer because they are getting a thrill out of it. Sadly there are people like that.

Seriously, avoid them, carry on not speaking to them, don't look at them, don't give them a bad look and show that they are not bothering you and they will get bored and stop.

Keep your head up high, see them for the idiots that they are and don't get involved with any of them even if they try to be 'nice' to you because they sound like horrible boys to be around. Don't trust them.

It will settle down eventually but as bad as you feel inside, don't let them see it. You're better than that :)

I really hope this has helped. If you want to talk some more, even to let out some anger at the way they treat you or anything else that's upsetting you, then by all means write in again.

Keep your head up high.

Caroline :)

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