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Teenage Problems/a guy at my school.


Im sharpie and im 15. there is a boy at my school. He seems nice on the outside. However, ever since the first day he came here, he keeps staring at me, like checking me out. Its kind of unsettling for me but when i confronted him about it he acts as if he doesn't stare even though its obvious he does. One of my guyfriends who is the boys friend told me he knew the boy before they went to my school and that the boy was a player. He always got the girl he wanted. that started to worry me. A couple of my other guyfriends who are friends with him think im crazy but they have never seen the way he looks at me. I don't know what to do. He hasn't done anything yet trying to make a pass at me but I'm not waiting for anything. What do you think i should do?
My second question. There is another boy at my school. He's one of my friends. He's really nice. I like him and i want to get closer to him but i lack the courage to have a complete conversation with him. I don't know what to do. What do you think? Thank you.

Hi Sharpie,

1) If this guy approaches you, trying to talk to you, be nice. But at the same time let him know that you've heard that he's a bit of a playboy and you're not the type of girl to be played around on. So, if that's his intention then he needs to keep it moving.

2) It can be scary approaching someone you like. However, if you want to get closer to him, then you need to do what the cowardly lion did and go find some. You just have to reach deep inside of you and be brave. I'm guessing you're a a beautiful young lady. Who wouldn't want to be with you. Think about all the great things about you. Build some confidence.

When you're talking to him, try to focus on the conversation at hand. Think of something that you two have in common and something that you could talk forever about (or at least a few minutes). I know it may seem hard but if you like this guy, then you gotta go get him. Just relax, try to stay calm and when you're in front of him, try not to be too obvious that you like him. We don't know if he likes you back yet, or do you? Take it one step at a time. You two are friends so conversation should come easy. Good luck!

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