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Hi my names charlie-Lou im a 17 year old girl and don't know what to do. I lost my virginity when I was 11 which is pretty shameful and since then have had multiple meaningless drunken sexual encounters with guys that mean nothing to me. My longest relationship only lasted a month so it hardly counts. IV never been emotionally attached to anyone or anything not even my parents, if I didn't look like my mum i wouldn't think they were my real parents. I am depressed and have anxiety attacks all the time. I have this friend, he's 16 and he is also depressed and he likes me in my own wierd way i like him too so my question is how do i go out with him without messing it and him up?

Hi Charlie-Lou,

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I usually read questions and problems and mull them over for a time to come up with the best advice I can give.

It is really good that you have found someone that likes you and from what you say it sounds as if you are serious about him and he about you as well.

I am concerned though about your feelings of depression and that you are having panic attacks. Panic attacks are horrible, I have had them myself before, and it concerns me that you are feeling these emotions. But it is still good that you have found someone that you can connect with.

Your sexual history really isn't anything to be ashamed of. Ok, you lost your V at 11 and all that means is that was the age that you were ready to have sex with a boy. Everyone has their own 'right time' and that was simply yours, so let go of the shame you feel coz you've done nothing wrong :)

You are a sexual and sensual individual, again there is nothing wrong with that, it's who you are. And all of your sexual encounters are simply encounters and that's Ok.

My serious advice to you regarding this boy you connect with is that you need to make a very firm decision within yourself that you are not going to have drunken one night stands anymore. If you put yourself in that situation and you are likely to have sex, you will be cheating on him and that will cause trust issues between the both of you. When you get with him Charlie-Lou you have really got to change your lifestyle for the relationship to work. And the simplest way of doing that is to not get in those situations in the first place.

Change your lifestyle is what I am saying. You have 'been there, done that' and you're probably even bored of it by now, so just change that behavior and tell yourself you've had enough of it and now you want a serious relationship with this guy. It's not as hard as you might think.

This is going to be a big step for you. Because of the lack of emotional attachment to people in the past and then this boy comes along, it's the first time you are feeling something for another person. That can make you feel a little vulnerable as well because your new to it.

You've both got things in common, and the first thing is to cut out your old lifestyle and concentrate on being with him and staying faithful to him. Guys find it incredibly hard to deal with a partner that has cheated, it impacts on them heavily. So have a think about that.

I don't think you will mess him up. He obviously likes you very much in your own 'weird' way as you say, but to me you are simply a unique individual like everyone on the planet is. We all come with different characters and that just makes us, well 'Us'. You really are Ok. And the fact that you wrote in not wanting to mess him and the relationship up shows that you do really care and really want it to work :)

Seriously, go out with him. Enjoy each others company and start afresh. Put your sexual past behind you and focus on just him and it will work. And if you have an argument one day don't go off and sleep with someone else coz it will hurt him and make the relationship hard to cope with and cause more arguments.

You really are Ok and can make this work :)

The last thing I want to do is recommend two books to you and him on depression and self-esteem. Sue Atkinson has been depressed, she's had anxiety and panic attacks and knows what it feels like. What's different with these books is that it is written by someone who has been through it, still has off days and knows what she is talking about - she's really good. So the titles are:

'Climbing out of Depression' - Sue Atkinson
'Building Self-Esteem' - Sue Atkinson

Check if they have them in the library.

I really hope that I have helped you even slightly. Your specific Q was about this boy, but if you want to talk about the other things you mentioned then do write in again.

Caroline :)  

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