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Teenage Problems/overbearing mother?


My name is Anne-Chloe and I'm 15. (i'm a girl, this is pertinent to the question). A good friend of my invited me to join him and three of his closest friends to go bowling. My dad has absolutely no problem with this. These other three guys are also good friends of mine that I trust completely. There's even a chaperone, but none the less, my mother is cracking down and saying no. She says that it'll ruin my reputation at school. She said that the daughters of friends she knows have had issues with this. I go to a small private school and doubt that me hanging out with a few of my friends could cause an uproar. I've talked to a few of my female friends and they highly doubt it would. I have yet to remind my mother that I will be traveling across the world with these same people for a school trip. What do I do to change her opinion?

Hi Anne-Chloe,

That is a tough situation to be in. I feel like there may be a deeper reason behind your mothers reasoning. Try sitting down with her and having a mature, calm conversation about it. Ask her why she feels the way she does, and explain to her why you feel the way you do. The thing parents can respect the most is when their children are being calm and mature trying to work something out with them. Don't get upset or flustered. There are those times where you can't budge a parents reasoning no matter what. I know it sounds funny but this is especially true for daughters, you are her baby girl and she will do whatever she thinks is going to be best for you, even if sometimes it is a little overbearing ;)

Hope this helps.

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