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Teenage Problems/bad relationship


well a few weeks ago me and my girl friend had our first kiss and then spring break came along and 2wks wth no way of talking to her and i expected more but she basically shunned me for a few days and its been spiraling down word ever since  im afraid i dont know wat to do

hi Tyler, thx for your question. It sounds like you are quite confused about what went on. I am confused as well. You can go on and make assumptions about what you think may be going on for her but unless you ask her, you will only assume and you could be wrong. I would take her aside, send her a note, write her a letter (whatever way is most comfortable for you) and let her know that you are confused as you got close and now feel ignored. See what she says and where things go from there. I hope that helps. All the best.


Teenage Problems

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