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QUESTION: hi my name is sharpie. I'm 15 years old. just recently i got a boyfriend. he was my best friend before we started dating. we got along really well and we knew a lot about each other. We were trying to keep our relationship quiet. I only told my best friend who is also friends with him. My bf doesn't know though that she knows we're dating (I'm going to tell him though). Today my friend told me  my bf told her that he was just using me as a pass time. i didn't really believe it because he never came off as a just for the fun of it guy. My friend is very reliable. she would never lie to me about something like this I was surprised when she told me. i don't want to believe it but i can't rule out the possibility. Should i ask him myself about it or just take my friends word on this?

ANSWER: I would definitely confront him about it. You have to be honest. Just ask him yourself and see what he had to say for himself.

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QUESTION: Hi. He found out that i told my friend and he wasn't too happy, but then my friend made a very good point, why didn't he tell his best friend. I'm pretty good friends with his best friend and i know they get along really well as in  he tells his friend basically everything. I was surprised when i noticed he didn't tell his best friend. So i talked to his best friend. He said that according to my now ex, we were never dating. He had another girl on the side  and i had no idea. I was angry, but not devastated, but i was shocked. He was the last guy on Earth i would think would do something like that. He found that his friend knows and broke up with me. I'm not replying because i want a way to get him back, because personally i dont want him back, i just want to know where to go from here. At lunch, i was sitting at the same table with his best friend and he was sitting at the table next to us, not because there was not space, there was another seat. But i wasn't paying full attention, but i heard the friend say are you going to go talk to your (name of our town) princess. I just continued eating as if i didn't hear anything. That just killed me more. I am extremely angry and i feel used. I don't know what to do. I just want closure on this. What should i do?

Your ex boyfriend was wrong to do that to you. He was definitely leading you on. I'm glad that you're not all hung up over him. You can do so much better. Forget about him and move on. If you feel that you need some closure, you can ask him why he did what he did, but I wouldn't give him the time of day. You could tell him that if he didn't want to be with you then he could have just said it. He didn't need to lead you on like that. He'll reap what he sows. Be strong girl and move on. This guy was never worth your time.

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