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Hey Scarlet,I bet you remember me ? The girl with the crush problem...hope you do..I have major problem or not major maybe because I tend to overthink and end up causing lots of stress to myself.Let me make it short, Im living in a rented house, last month the house owner asked my family to move out because his son wants to stay here.So its been a month already and we havent found a house yet.The thing is my brother and I are schooling here.Im from a poor family so thats why we have to look for a house here and there's no empty house.The thing that makes me worried is will he kick us out ? My mum said no and told me not to bother about it but I still care.I can't see her sad because she's the only family I have left.Next thing is, my examinations are around the corner and if I find a house by then I will have to move out and start packing my stuff.Im afraid I will be wasting time with it while I have to do my examinations and end up with bad grades.I can't help but worry.My examinations is my life, my future, i can't risk it.Im currently relying on God and praying that he shows a way and opens a door for us, however it's all affecting my  brain and Im afraid I will do stupid things.I love my life but this situation for a girl like my who is emotionally unstable and 16 years old, is abit to tough to deal with.On the other hand Im sad about the way my crush treated me, Im trying to move on from him because he's not worth my attention.A bit of advice and comforting would help me alot ! Thank you

Hi Premjit,

I definitely know that it's not easy. I don't come from money either. Your mom most likely told you not to worry about it because she feels like the situation is something that she's responsible for and that her 16 year old daughter shouldn't have to worry about it. In all honesty it's true. However, I understand you not being able to help that it worries you; it would worry me too.

I love that fact that you stated that you've been praying and trusting God in this matter. All you can do is leave it in his hands. God won't put on you and your family more than you can bare. You just have to keep trusting that he will see you through your tough times. I think it's pretty shady that your landlord is making you guys leave just because his son wants to move there. Is there a contract your mom signed stating how long you guys are able to live there?

I can't exactly tell you what he will do because I'm not familiar with the renting policies and how that all works. But be assured your mom is doing everything in her power to find you guys a new and even better home.

I know that you're dealing with a lot but please don't do anything stupid. I'm not exactly sure what you were referring to when you said that, but I don't want you doing anything drastic. No one said life was going to be easy, but you will make it through. The obstacles that you overcome in your life will only make you stronger.

I'm glad that you're moving on from your crush. At this point, he's not worth thinking about anymore. You'll have many more crushes in your life. Try your best to focus on your exams. I know it will be difficult, but school is very important. Try doing things that will take your mind off of your current situation. Go hang out with your friends, go to the library; just go do something that will switch your mind set.

Once again, I know it's challenging, but you got this girl. I'm pulling for you.  

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