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Teenage Problems/friends or not?


I am an 18-year-old girl.
I have a guy that I have been talking to one and off. He's 6 years older than me and he has known be ever since i was 13.
Two years ago, he took me out to lunch and movie, and we somehow got into the topic of how we both had feelings for each other and how he would wait for me until i was 18 since i was underage and he was an adult.
somehow we ended up in his back seat kissing.
He was the first guy I ever held hands with or anything so I was pretty nervous (he had lots of experience) and once he lifted me up and put me on top of him, I felt uncomfortable and asked him to take me home. Which he did. later that day i texted him telling him and i just wanted to be friends and he agreed.

We talked on and off. Just today we hung out again. after talking about a lot of random things, he asked me how old i was. i said 18. he was silent for a while then kept on talking about random things again. he paid for my lunch and movie and coffee.
during the movie, i gave him lots of chances to make moves on me. i leaned on his shoulder.. and it was also cold in the theatre so i was shifting around a lot.. every time i moved a little he would put his arm on mine and ask me if i was okay.. this happened around 10 + times through out the 2 hour movie..

afterwards when we got coffee and we went to his car, he just drove me home while talking about random things.. we hugged and he left

the things is that i dont even know what my problem is. im just confused.. does he still like me? do i still like him? i just dont know what step to take next...

Hi Susana, thx for the question. Just to clarify- the movie was 2 years ago- correct?  (I know you can't answer me but I will go with that assumption.).  Communicating is the key to every relationship and it sounds like you both communicate a great deal. As you continue to do that, things will get sorted out.  You don't actually have a question here so I am just giving you feedback. Obviously there is interest on both sides b/c neither of you would bother texting and talking as you do, if there wasn't interest. It sounds like you are able to set limits when limits are required and it sounds like he is able to respect those limits so that's a great thing on both sides. Good luck with whatever happens. Enjoy the process. See where it goes. The journey is part of the great experience.  All the best.


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