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I've been dating this guy for eight months now. Before, we were good friends, starting from the fifth grade. He has always supported me, and when he confessed being in love with me, there was no question to how I felt. He is amazing and supportive. I had a rough start this year and he draged me out of my depression. Today though I looked back on emails we sent eachother from when we first confessed to eachother. A few weeks into being together, he told me he had to decide whether he was going to stay here or go to live with his dad in a city about an hour away. His mom and step dad aren't really too great of people, not completely dispicable, but he would definately be better off at his dad and step mom's house. But at the same time, I completely dreaded him leaving, esspecially since we finally let all our feelings out to eachother. I sent him an email telling him how I felt about this because it was burning a hole in my chest. And he decided to stay. Yay, good for me, but...I felt and now again feel guilty keeping him here away from his dad. I feel so horrible being selfish like that...I love him a lot and want him to be happy. He's gappy here and tells me he wouldn' t change it, but I still feel so guilty.

Hi there Nikki,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

You have nothing at all to feel guilty about with regards to this guy staying where he is; it is his decision and one that he will have made having weighed up the pros and cons of going and staying. The fact that he may have stayed to be closer to you will have been one of the things that he would have considered but not the only thing and he will have thought about his situation and whether or not he could deal with living with his mom and step-dad in the shorter and longer term. If he has made the decision to stay then ultimately, this is a choice that he has never forced him to stay or give him an ultimatum, you just explained how you feel. If he says he is happy where he is, then he will be and you need not read any more in to this. Even if you were the sole reason and purpose for him staying, it says a lot about how much he feels for you and that he believes that you are worth hanging around for; which is positive.

I hope that helps.  

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