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QUESTION: My name is Linda,I am 40 years old and my husband and I have been married for 20 years. We are going to stay in our in house that we time share in Florida. We asked our son (16)2 months ago if he wanted to come with us he said no. So my husband and I planned to go oursleves, I got really excited for the romantic getaway. A few days ago my son complained that he didn't get to go and really wanted to, so my husband said that he could come. I wanted a romantic SEXcation with my husband, now its a house so we will have a private bedroom so we will get alone time. But I toned up and get two really sexy skimpy bikinis that I am going to wear on the vacation, now I am worried that my son who originally said he wasn't coming is going to feel when mom and dad are in the bedroom because we need some time alone and how is he going to feel about the bikinis, I originally wanted to get really frisky on the beach with my husband and with these bikinis he is going to have his hands all over me.What should I do? I have included links to them below please look at the bikins and let me know how you feel and what I should do."

ANSWER: Go on the romantic getaway by yourself -------- you are the ADULT he is sill technically by law a child put your foot down and say no this is a romantic vacation just mom and dad only we'll all go on another vacation the three of us another time but this one is just for us --- if he argues do not argue back just simply say no and then drop it --- you guys deserve and possibly need a break and there is NOTHING wrong with that whatsoever trust me he'll ge over it

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QUESTION: No you dont understand, hes coming we  initally said he could come, he said no. So i get the sexy bikinis and wanted to have a SEXcation with hubby, then he felt bad and hubby told him that he could come. We booked his flight already and made plans for him to come. Hes 16 he will be at the beach with us during the days, but not all evening he will be it with some of his friends that live in the area. I still want to have a romantic weekend, hes 16 hes going to have to understand that mom and dad want time alone and he is going to have to deal with dad being a little frisky with mom at the beach or he can not come. Is it going to be weird for him to see us being frisky or will it be weird for him to see me in this bikinis. I need your advice should we talk to him ahead of time and how do you think hes going to fel about the bikinis, have you looked at them?

ANSWER: Yes both things would be VERY VERY inappropraite your romantic getaway is going to have to be postpone you both need to be mature adults about this.  You choose to bring your son with you whether he's one or twenty it is still your son and it would be inappropriate to see your parents touchy feely to that extinct and walking around in inapporpriate swuimsuit attire sorry to disappoint but that is my answer

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QUESTION: Hi I respect your answer, but I wanted to ask you a few follow up questions.We did bring to choose our son, but after he said he didn't want to come, when he didnt want to come we planned our sexy getaway, he then changed his mind, so why should we not be able to have a little romance. I feel when he changed his mind he choose to come with us and he can deal with mom and dad being a little frisky on the beach.Are you saying we cant show any affection, what if we are only a little frisky lol I guess  am asking where should we draw the line? More Importantly, I love these suits  do you look at the swimsuits? Why do you think they are inappropriate can you tell me what you think about the two sutis and what do you think my son will think of them. I am a little upset about this happening to our getaway  just need some advice thanks!

I think the most you can show him is holding hands other than that it's a no no if you want to be frisky like that then you two need to go on a vacation yourself but since he is coming only holding hands I know it's hard and trust me I get it but it's just not the time or place in this example

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