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I have been with my boyfriend Cory for almost three years now and last summer we started having sex once in a while and slowly increased how often and how long. I used to like it all now I can't get comfortable I don't enjoy it I feel gross and wrong. It is always consensual I rarely say no and if I do I  end up changing my answer so I don' feel like I'm hurting his feelings. I guess my question would be why do I feel like this? what can I do so that I won't feel like this? and is this permanent?

Hi Lissa,

There could be a number of reasons why you have gone off sex with Cory and one of those reasons is just that - you have gone off sex. Maybe your feelings for Cory have changed. Maybe you don't like him as much as you used to? This you need to ask yourself. Do you love him and so on. It may turn out that he no longer makes you happy, so it could be to do with your relationship with him.

Your values could have changed too. You tried sex and it was Ok at first but now it simply doesn't feel right for you anymore at the age you are. It happens especially when we are growing up that feelings about things change rather quickly. I personally think that you have tried it and now you feel that it's no longer right for you and there is nothing wrong with that.

This most certainly isn't permanent; you have just changed your mind and that's Ok. I'm guessing in the back of your mind that you want to put a hold on the relationship and wait to have sex again at a later time whether that's with Cory or not. You do have to have a chat with him about it and tell him how you feel, it's really important that you do. Because saying yes to sex, you not enjoying it, Cory thinking all is well, will just make you more and more unhappy, so talk with him as soon as possible.

I just think that you tried it and now you have decided that right now is not the time. It may have become too frequent for your liking. Maybe go back to just having sex once in a while and tell Cory that it just got too much too soon - that's what I think. Ask him to have a break from it for a while and then when you are ready have sex with him again. But do talk to him. You guys have been with each other a very long time and it sounds like a lot of love is there. Just slow the sex down until it becomes enjoyable again. And if it doesn't improve, then I will explore some other reasons with you. But for now, just tell him and be open and honest and ask that you have a break, not from each other, just from the sex part and see if how you feel improves. If not, we can talk about it some more.

Caroline :)  

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