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Teenage Problems/Bestfriends or Boyfriend?


So today this guy i've been into for ages asked me out, but my Best friend liked him too? So i asked her 'Will it affect us if i go out with him' and she said 'No' but she's been ignoring me all day and eventually when we where walking home she told me that she really likes him but she just wanted to support me, now she said that if i'm going to be spending time with him in then she said she isn't able to hand around with me anymore, not because she's wants to be with him, because she doesn't wan tk cru everyday. I don't know what to do, please help :(

Hi, thx for your question. That is a bit of a dilemma but really it sounds like this is really her problem more than yours'.  She may be feeling hurt b/c she was "rejected" by the guy and may feel that if you go out with him that you are further "rejecting" her.  This is an issue(s) that she actually needs to deal with. It's really not about you at all and sounds rather manipulative on her part.  She may be worried that you won't have as much time to spend with her if you go out with him and that's probably true but it's also part of growing up. At some point she will likely have a boyfriend and won't have as much time for you.  Your decision really is about whether or not you want to go out with the guy. You don't need to be brought into her "drama" when making that decision. Your relationship with her is a different issue. Generally friends support friends. This isn't a guy you "stole" from her, by the sounds of it. If it were, that would be a different story. Might be best to say something like, "I understand that it might be difficult to be around me/us if I go out with this guy. I understand your feelings.  We will still have time to hang out together. I hope you understand my feelings as well" (or something to that effect).  All the best.


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