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My mom is making me go to bed early tonight (I'm supposed to be asleep right now. She says she'll spank me if she catches me up, but I don't believe her since she hasn't spanked me since I was six). She's punishing me because she says I threw a tantrum in the store today. I admit I MIGHT have raised my voice and I shouldn't have called her a bad word and I certainly shouldn't have thrown a shoe at her, but this punishment is so stupid! She says I'm cranky because I'm not getting enough sleep because I spend so much time reading vampire novels (but I just discovered Twilight, I can't help it if it's so awesome). Do you think it's fair to put me to bed early? I'm 13 for God's sake! (If you're wondering the tantrum was becuz I wanted these cute shoes and she wouldn't buy them for me so I threw them at her)

Dear Alyssa,

No, throwing a shoe at your mom is not alright. You should apologize to her. You need your mom and you love her, don't you??

I know twilight is great, even I had that phase. But it will pass, also you are being hormonal. Your hormones are taking over you and making you behave like this. Teenage is a wild phase, everything that happens to you will seem unfair but you need to learn how to rationalize with things.

So I suggest you just sort things out with your mom and try to stay calm.

Hope my reply helps.

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