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Hi, this is more advice than a question...:) anyways have a boyfriend I know him for a good few months and we been together for about 7 months but we had a lot of break ups and now we're back together nearly 2 months. I trust him and he lied to me once .. But yeah we get along but he told me he was 'messing' with this girl text she said she was alone in her house and for him to come over and he said yeah okay and she said oh wait your with someone and he said what if we're on a break and when he told me I got real upset and not knowing what to do .. He lied to me before and I trust him and really really love him and don't wanna break up but the girl and him just don't know why he would do this on me :/ thanks:)

Hi Lauren, thx for your email. I'm unclear what advice you want. I will say that although you say you trust him, you clearly don't. If he's fooling around behind your back then that isn't trustworthy behaviour. If you "allow" him to continue (by that I mean that you stay in the relationship even though he is messing around) then you are basically telling him (by your actions) that his behaviour is acceptable to you. Is it?  Do you think you deserve better?  Are you fine being treated this way?  Some questions to consider that may help in deciding where to go from here.  All the best.


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