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Teenage Problems/White tiny pimpleish dot on my penis ?


Here\'s a pic
Here's a pic  
I am 16 years old and I found a tiny white dot on my penis that's like a tiny pimple on my penis shaft. I am still a virgin so it can't be in std or anything like that. It feels painless.  I have noticed this being here for 3 months now. I tried finding info on this and I went to a website were it said it will go away if I stay absence for 3 weeks but I am not shure if he was just screwing with me. Please help.

Hi there Jeremy,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

Firstly, please let me advise you that I am not a doctor and any changes in your penis that you notice that may be causing you pain, discomfort or concern should be seen by a doctor for an examination in your local area.

Secondly, self-diagnosing over the Internet is not a good way of always finding out the information that you need as it tends to be more general and aimed at general symptoms, rather than yours specifically. What this means is that it may say that for this condition...this is the course of action required etc but unlike a consultation with a doctor, it does not take in to consideration other factors that could be causing the condition. So please be very cautious about what you read on the internet.

Now, to your problem, from the picture you have sent in it looks like the spot could be any number of things, all of which are harmless. It looks like it is either a blister, a small cyst or a spot, nothing of which to worry about. Blisters are caused by friction and in the case of your penis, could be caused by excessive masturbation or by wearing too tight underwear. Blisters are characteristic because you can feel a liquid puss inside the site and it usually pops itself before going away.

The other thing it could be is a sebaceous cyst which are harmless hard areas of skin (a bit like what you might find on the soles of your feet but clumped together in a spot) but are common around areas where there is a lot of sweat. These cysts feel quite hard and firm when touched but are not painful and in the event that it grew to cause pain or discomfort, then there are procedures that can be done.

The other thing it could be is just a normal spot that you would find anywhere else on your body. Spots are formed when the sebaceous glands (glands under the skin attached to hair) produce a liquid called Sebum (a liquid oil to lubricate the skin) and this sometimes gets trapped in the hair follicle (the place where hair starts to grow); this then builds up bacteria and you end up with spots. Spots can appear anywhere on the body but are prone to appear more in places such as your face, back, chest and arms where you sweat a lot.

From your picture I cannot really distinguish which of the above that it is but if it is painless and not causing you too much discomfort I would not be concerned about it. That said, it is important to keep an eye out for any changes in color, size, shape or texture and if any of these change, go to your doctor. Otherwise, keeping good penile hygiene should prevent any infections and whatever it is will either go by itself naturally or just remain part of you; either way, if it's not painful or changing, then don't panic...if you are still not sure, I recommend that you see your doctor who can diagnose it and dispel any fears that you have within seconds of looking at it.

I hope that helps.  

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