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I just started my job at a fastfood restaurant and one of my coworkers was told to show me around we spent about an hour together going over where things were how to make different things and so on when we first stared he asked me a lot of questions like how old are you is this your first job do you have a job can you drive and stuff also when we were taking out the trash we had to flatten boxes and he took his knife out and asked if I wanted to use it because its easier and he was very protective and carrying he told me to he careful when things were coming my way and such. I'm 16 and I'm not sure how old he is probably about 18 or 19 he told me about himself too like how many hours he worked and that he has two jobs and hes saving for a new car. Also when he were together he would stand really close to me (not sure if that was on purpose) so close that I actually had to back up.When we went back to the front he got called to do something else and I could hear him explaining to our supervisor that he still had things to show me but she told him he had to go to drive threw which he reluctantly did. I just want to know do you think he was interested in me we only met just that say and we told about a lot in just an hour I really like him hes the first nice guy ive met in a long tine which is why I think I'm so interested in him....I just want to know your thoughts.

Ryann, I think he is interested in you but in an "exploitive way". He is a little too friendly. He violated your personal space by making you uncomfortable. I never heard of using a knife to flatten out boxes. You are asking for a wound using a knife. Just open them up by pulling on them to flatten them. He sounds like he is "coming on strong" to you. He may tell you he has a girlfriend , but I would not believe him. Since you are 16 and he may be 19 or 20 or he may even lie about his age, my guess is that he is sizing you up for some homosexual activity. You may want to look elsewhere for employment since is unlikely to be able to keep from trying to get close to you. If he outright asks you any pointed sexual questions, just say that "sorry, but I don't swing that way". He was seeking to spend more time with you RED FLAG, he was getting too close to you SECOND RED FLAG, I think if you start hanging out with this guy after work, he will eventually try to get you under the influence of some drug. This is to wear down your resistance.  Sorry I did not answer sooner but I just saw your question. A good rule of thumb is to "beware of overly friendly people , both male and female".  Feel free to ask a followup question.

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I have dealt with many young people in a teaching environment as well as in teaching young people at tennis clinics. Since younger people have seen so little of the world their view of the world should not be shaped by the confines of what happens within their family unit. Its natural to be shy about developing relationships outside the home but young people need to know the other person is also probably just as shy as they are. If you havea problem then remember you are in good company. There are no new problems. Someone else has also had the same problem. If you need ideas on how to handle them or some choices to consider feel free to ask. I will answer questions about moral issues and how to handle such issues when they come up in your life. Continue reading about the issue of bullies which can be physical, emotional or sexual as well as bullies who use the internet to spread stories about you. You do not have to be teenager to ask a question here on how to handle this. If you are a pre-teen or tween you may also ask a question here.


I have taught children from 7th through 12th grade. It is all too common for young people to be shy or hesistate because they fear rejection from someone of the opposite sex. You do not have to be a teenager to ask a question here. If you are a pre-teen or "tween" as is commonly used now and are being "bullied" by someone and bullies can be other kids who hit you or as is becoming more common sexual bullying by name calling or spreading stories about you feel free to ask a question about what to do about it. There is also cyber bullying by people who may know you and there can be people who are pretending to be someone they are not who may insult you and try to destroy your self esteem. When you run into people who insult you its best to just block them and delete them or at the very least close down the messenger you are using. If anyone taunts you by calling you names or racial slurs or any slur that involves a persons sexual orientation you need to understand that the person doing that is trying to project their own questions about their own sexual orientation that they are questioning. This may sound complicated and it is. The people who are the most hateful in reality hate themselves and hate what they are desperately trying to convince themselves they are not (for example being gay or lesbian).

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