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i have known this guy for about a year and he started touching my boobs and private area asking if i like it.he even rubbed his penis on my butt.he then asked me to flash him my boobs but i refused t.he said that if i showed him my boobs,he would show me his penis.He  even tried to get my hands  to touch his penis.t.the problem is that i just wanted to make out  a little and not not get too sexual because i got uncormfortable mainly because i am inexperienced and have neve had a guy do that to me before.the other problem is that i even got a little wet from him touching me is it normal?i am scared.is it wrong that i still want to make out with him?i liked him touching me but i am scared of him forcing me to touch him.


Yes, you becoming "wet" from him touching you is normal and there's nothing wrong with you still wanting to make out with him. However, let me tell you what the problem is. The problem is that if you let this guy go too far, he'll assume that you'll want to have sex with him. You explained that you're inexperienced, therefore I don't think that sex is a good idea.

All you want to do is make out but it seems like this guy wants a little bit more. His advancements and behavior is a little more than you can handle so I don't suggest you doing anything else with this guy. One thing can lead to another and next thing you know you've just had sex with him.

Don't do that to yourself. It seems like this guy wants to do more than just make out and if you continue to let him grope you then you'll send him the wrong message. Stop letting him feel on you and tell him that you no longer want him touching you.

You should find someone who doesn't need to touch all over you and who is on the same level as you are. Hope this helps.  

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