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I am 16 and I hurt my mum. I always talk to her in a rude manner but I really much hope that I can talk to her nicely but it's just something in me that i can't control it. I will reply with a very unwilling and irritated tone when she asks me a question.We also don't talk much everyday. We have not had a real chat probably for 2,3 years. We talk only when necessary. I felt so bad and wanted to return to those days when we talked so much. But it is just so awkward to start talking again. We did not have a big fight or anything like that before it stopped. It just stopped suddenly and I don't know why it stopped too. Maybe because I am an introverted and quiet person that don't talk much or maybe it's the stress going to high school. Recently I talked to her rudely again and she flare up saying that we treat her like enemy and maid and that we always show face to her when she actually gave us everything we wanted. As I said earlier, I felt bad but just couldn't help it.

Hi Lim,

Your mom is not the enemy. She is taking care of you. I know there are times when all teens want to lash out at their parents so you're not the only one. However, you need to realize that it's disrespectful and it probably hurts your mom's feelings. You only have one mother so you should try your best to treat her with the up most respect. God forbids something happens to her. You would be devastated. Would you want your kids talking to you like that? Whenever you feel like you want to lash out, go to your room and relax. You also need to start talking to your mom more. Start off by telling her about your day and the conversation will flow from there. Talk about what's going on with you. You need to re-establish that bond. I think that will help both you and your mom. Good luck!

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