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Teenage Problems/NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!


ok so i like this boy ALOT but we went out like 5-7 times and it kept ending because he kept cheating(we dont cheat like adults we cheat like children(dating another person)) anyways i need tips on how to  get over him please help me btw im 12

you need to just flat out ignore him --- you don't deserve that he is not respecting you --- you need to find a guy who will respect you enough not to go out with other girls --- there is a right guy out there, this just isn't it --- go out with friends do stuff to distract you and eventually as time goes on it will get better

Teenage Problems

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I'm 22 years old and have experienced a lot in life, I'm here to help! What do you have to loose?


I have been through a lot! I have personally expierenced or had friends that have experienced relationship/dating issues and it just ranges from topics to topics. I have counseled several people and that's what I'm doing here online ha plus it's free!

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