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Teenage Problems/Just new help. No one replies when say they do.


Hi Ashley. I'm Samirrah, I'm 14 years.Can you help me? I'm lost, depressed, sad, and confused.I tried reaching out to like four other people but I never got a reply. I think I'm lesbian no really for sure how can I be sure? I also think I'm depressed or something is wrong I know there is something wrong for sure. I'm also a cutter. When I think I'm done. but for some reason I can stop.I mean I really want help someone to talk every once In a while, but I have no one some days when I'm at my lowest.

Hi Samirrah,

Figuring out for sure what you're orientation is can be confusing but I think the easiest way to figure this out is to maybe date a guy and see if you are interested in continuing to see him. At 14, this can still be new ground, and it may take time for you to completely come to terms or figure out exactly how you feel about women and men. Sometimes, it can just be a phase. Other times, you may find yourself both men and women. Conversely, you figure it out and you realize that you are interested in women. The important thing to do, regardless of what you uncover, is to love and accept yourself.

Cutting and depression are in my area of expertise, but what I can suggest is that maybe you should talk to a counselor. Most high schools have a counselor on staff that can help students deal with depression and cutting issues. Be advised that, because you are under 18, they will most likely involve your parents, but that will open the door to other possibilities, possibly professional counseling with a counselor that can help you work through your emotions, and how to cope with them in safe ways, as well as help you figure out your sexual orientation even more.

I hope this helps you out some,

Good luck.


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