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Teenage Problems/urgent advice plzzzz


Hello :) I hope you re doing well.  i chose you because of the fact that you are a teen and will understand me. ok, im in the second year of high school and next year i will be a senior. Finally! Then i will go to university. Last year i loved school. I mean really really loved it. we got the chance to meet new pals , study new things and it was the most beautiful year i think. Ah, Good memories :/ Anyway, this year school is making my life miserable. And this is thanks to my maths professor. He is at his 60s and still teaches :/. Well everytime he asks me to solve an exercise he keeps shouting and i hate loud noise. Im very sensitive too. So i get blocked and dont say a thing. I respect him too much but he still behaves like a crazy person. Everyone in the class complains about him. Last year our grades were perfect and im a good student too. if i dont study sth it remains in my mind and i cant sleep or do sth before doing homework. I ve never liked maths though but have alw
ays studied bcz ill need it in the future-said by my mom :P lol. However, last year my math was a 9 but this year it will be an 8. and im really afraid bcz we need good grades in order to get a nice degree in unversity. Every time i solve an exercise& when i solve it in the right way he is like: clean it we will find another solution. ``the class  is like : but she did it. and the professor invents sth we have never learnt just to tell me i should have tried harder . i dont want to be a scientist :/! Lets not talk about our exams! He picks the most difficult exercises lets say 90 exercises we should learn in a week and then he puts only 8 0f them in the exam and 2 others made by him. These 2 others are if you want to get a 10. which you never get!. What really gets on my nerves is the fact that in our class there are people who dont study at all. but no... he is polite with them and tells them : ok ill help you. But with me, its like he hates me. We did an exam yesterday and
 she took 3 of the best students of our class in another class so that ``us-the bad students`` could not copy. oh please :/ i had learnt by myself -.- ! I even have a friend. she used to take 5, 6 ,and some times 4. and she started a course. he has considered her as a good student even when she took 5, 6 s and now VOILA! She is the best student. i do every exercise at my home. okay! perhaps im not smart enough but at least i try. i cannot start a course bcz im in a private school and we already pay 300 dollars a year. im not a millionaire :/ I ve never taken a 6 though. last year i used to take 9,10 but this year i usually take 7,8,9. I know, math has become difficult but which is the problem? at least i try :/ so , as i said, i dont want my grades to be destroyed because of him. when im on the blackboard and dont solve an exercise the professor tells me: ``why do you keep looking at your friends for the solution? if u knew it you would do it`` i dont look at them for the solution bcz when i dont know sth i tell him i dont know. i get really distracted and i get blocked when he talks. once a friend of mine told him: ``could you please stop shouting and let her talk she got distracted . she know the answer.`` he didnt say a word. i want a normal school & dont want to become a scientist.  and for that reason i want to leave this school. but im a senior and im afraid i will have to find new friends and adapt to a new environment. but i cant take it anymore. ive even come home crying for lots of weeks. Plus what i want to study doesnt involve maths. I want to study foreign languages. I know english german, italian, spanish, a little bit of russian and will start french classes soon. but my parents say this job doesnt provide a living. who cares? arent u supposed to do what makes u happy -.- Sorry for the long writing and perhaps it was a bit boring. Ok, sorry again :P But do you have any advice on this? everything would be helpful. i thank you again for finding the time and reading all this.


I'm not a teenager but I do have some advice for you. Your a senior which means in another year you'll be off to college. It wouldn't be wise to switch schools just because of one teacher. If you're having problems with him then I suggest sitting down and talking with him about your problem. Maybe he has a reason for things he does.

If you can't get through to him then go to your school counselor. My counselor always helped me out when I had issues. Even though math isn't your field, it is a required class in high school. I never liked math but I had to stick it out if I wanted to graduate. Sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do. It's part of life.

I believe that you can get through this last year. Just try talking to your teacher about the situation and then go further up the channels if you can't get through to him. Switching schools really isn't the best answer. What if you went to this new school and your new teacher is worse than the one you had before?

You are supposed to do do what makes you happy. It's not always about the money so I encourage you to do whatever fulfills you. However, in order to do that you need to get through this class and I know that you can do it. Be strong, work it out with your teacher and you'll be fine.  

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