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Teenage Problems/I cant easily get an erection and cant ejaculate


Im just your average teenage stoner and have never had problems before with my penis other than kidney stones all the time but anyway my problem is the othe day i woke up and my penis was all weird and felt rubbery and my balls were kind of like this too and my penis was sunk in like a turtle ( im circumsized) and i couldnt get an errection for a realy long time and when i did i wasnt normal it was kind of soft still and i couldnt ejaculate all but like a little drop that didnt even come out it just dripped a little im a virgin so i know its not an std i am a smoker but i have been so for a year and a half (tobacco and marihuana) and never had issues but anway i took adderall the other and threw it up after it was in my stomache for like 10-15 minutes and it was mostly whole do you think maybe the little bit i took could have done this or do you think this is psycological because i have been having alot of home issues lately any way i hope the infornation i provided was enough and can help im just reaky freaked out and have lost sleep over it.

Hi there Ashton,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I hope that I can help.

Firstly, let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you; my offline job has dominated my time but I have been meaning to get back to you since you first sent in your question. I apologize for the delay, I had not forgotten about you.

There are a number of factors which may affect a person's ability to get an erection and these can range from physical problems or psychological issues to more environmental factors such as smoking marijuana, tobacco or excessive drinking. The actual cause will depend upon things such as your age, your shape and your lifestyle in general but in most cases, the inability to get an erection and/or ejaculate can be caused by psychological stress caused by on-going issues within a person's life. If you are generally fit and healthy, have a positive weight and are normally able to maintain one, then it does suggest that the problem is more than likely psychological rather than physical. If you have been able to maintain erections and ejaculate previously and this has only become a new issue that can be matched with a lot of change or pressure in your life that was not there previously, then this sounds like this is something that should either resolve itself or be helped through learning some relaxation techniques.

There is a link in later age (50's +# between the effects of smoking tobacco and an ability to sustain an erection as smoking causes narrowing of the arteries and reduces blood flow to the penis. This can mean that if you have smoked heavily throughout your life and reach the age of fifty, you may #but not in all cases# suffer from erectile dysfunction #the ability to maintain an erection#.

Smoking marijuana, because it affects a person's mood, can also lead to a similar effect but not so much in that it causes the flow of the blood to the penis to slow down or stop, but it causes a psychological change that causes distraction when you are attempting to become aroused and sex #or masturbation# maybe attempted successfully but without the ability to ejaculate.

Similarly, consuming large amounts of alcohol can also reduce your libido #the desire to have sex# and cause 'brewer's droop' #inability to get an erection# because of the effects of alcohol on the body.

All of this said, as you are a teenager, you probably have a lot of things going on in your life that are out of your control and causing you anxiety or worry. Although these may not automatically be linked to anything to do sexual arousal #problems in class, problems with family etc#, they can have more of an impact than people think on their bodies and it is normal, when put under external stress, for men to maintain an erection or climax because they are distracted by external thoughts even though they may not realize it. If you naturally can get an erection in the morning without any kind of thought, then this strengthens the theory that it is a psychological and not biological cause.

As a tip to finding the root cause, I would recommend that you try and masturbate first thing in the morning if you get 'morning wood' and seeing if this means that you can climax. First thing in the morning, after a good nights sleep, you should be relatively free of any anxiety or stress and as most guys naturally get an erection anyway this time in the morning, this will allow you to see if you can climax in this situation. If you do get an erection in the morning and can ejaculate, then again, this shows that the cause is something either psychological #stress of worry# or environmental #weed etc#.

Another thing to do is to attempt to masturbate before or during a shower. When you are naked you are in more of an aroused state and this should help to keep your mind focused on what you are doing rather than what is happening else where.

If these things do not work, I would recommend that you take some time out of your day to have some alone time whereby you get changed into something comfortable, listen to some relaxing music and begin to destress your mind. Simply by laying on the bed, taking a few deep breathes and clearing your mind will set your body #and mind# up for something sexual.

Chances are what you are experiencing is nothing more than a stressful time in your life whereby it is inhibiting your ability to get an erection and once things are over and the stress has disappeared, you should find that your routine of maintaining an erection and ejaculating becomes back to normal. If, after a month, or if you are concerned after trying the techniques above, that this is still not allowing you to have full erections, then I would recommend either speaking to a counselor or your doctor to get further advice or tests to see if that matter is actually biological and not psychological.

I hope that helps.  

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