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QUESTION: Hi I'm 12 and I'm really confused. There was a boy in my primary school called Shaine. But now I'm in an  all girls high school, he goes to the mixed school opposite, so we often bump into each other. Every time he sees me he hollers at me and torments my friends, thus making me think he didn't like me. However, about a week ago I saw him hugging my best friend, so I thought they were together which I thought was great so he wouldn't be as mean. So I walked around them and then he stopped hugging her and put his arm around me and tried to talk to me but I ignored him. After that I couldn't stop thinking about it. Then the next day at school my friend told me that she told him that I liked him (which I didn't at the time). Which I thought was interesting as that same morning he tried to talk to me again. I'm not sure wether he likes me or not. I do kind of like him but if he didn't like me I wouldn't care that much.

ANSWER: Hi Cazz,

Sometimes boys do mean things to get your attention. They can be immature like that. It's a possibility that he may like you. Just see what he does. Continue to be yourself and do the normal things you do. If he continues to be mean, let him know that you don't appreciate his behavior. If he wants to continue talking to you then he needs to have a better attitude and approach you with a little more respect. He should have a better attitude then.

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QUESTION: I did tell him that and now I have noticed that his family has starting being more friendly towards me and his friends as well. What do you think this could mean?

It could mean anything. Was his family mean to you before? Are you asking because you like him? If so, I think you should just ask him. A lot of times each person may be nervous and not willing to say anything. I wouldn't beat around the bush. If you like him, let him know it. Ask him if he likes you. There's nothing wrong with being forward.  

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