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Hi, Brittney
I just graduated from school, so the thing about regularly seeing my friends have kinda stopped and it's been more than three months. I used to be friends with only 4-5 people though - out of whom, there's this really sweet girl who would always act polite on the outside but actually never bother to call me or hang out with me, ever - even though we happen to friends since 3 years old, ever since we started going to school together.
Then there's another one for whom I'd been there when she used to get bullied at school and we sat next to each other everyday at school and often visited each other's places.
Well, I was just trying to make an impression of how much I valued my friendship with these people because lately we've stopped seeing each other, or calling or texting or anything at all...
Of late, I seemed to be having a rough time with my life, so I thought it would be normal to complain about it to these friends of mine, but I had no idea they would dislike me right away for running low and breaking down in front of them. They find my behaviour irritable and instead of helping me out, they have completely stopped responding to me - like, they have no time to pay heed to my problems.
And now, I have zero friends in my life.
Asking for a solution to my prolonged problems - was it too much to ask?

Hello Sayoni,

Unfortunately, it sounds like you and your friends might have just grown apart. I have to say though, that if they were that quick to walk away from you when you needed them, then they may not have really been good friends to begin with. If they were your real friends, they would have tried to help you in some way if they could, even if all you needed was for someone to be able to listen in the moment.

I honestly would think that at this point, go your separate ways.If they are acting like they don't care or have the time to help you, don't give them the honor of telling them what your problems are. It might have just been that you have all lost that connection that you once had and you have gone your separate ways.

They don't sound like they are being decent friends if they don't have the time to help you.If they don't have time for you, don't give them the time of day.

Hope this helps,


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